The Meeting Point Lab

The Meeting Point LAB in BERLIN
will take place every second monday of the month at Schwelle 7

From January 2010 every month a different curator will invite artists from different disciplines to compose and evening together

Dates and Curators will be:

The Meeting Point LAB

is an interdisciplinary instant composing performance event organized in a regular basis depending on the needs of each community. Every new event is organized by a different curator who invites a group of artists working on different disciplines to create a work in one evening.

The LAB is an invitation for artists and audience to meet in an experimental context where to develop performance and observation tools, a context of exchange and an opportunity to enjoy the abilities of spontaneity and risk taking.

The LAB is the originating project of The Meeting Point as a platform, started in 2004 running for two years at Bimhuis Amsterdam, it has been the inspiration for other artists communities in Europe and America, to join the efforts for the opening up of new fertile and creative spaces where artists and audiences can enrich their art and art loving, as well as their communication skills.

Today the LAB is functioning with different names in Barcelona: CREA, Helsinki: HMP, Berlin: NAME IT! and Milano: UNDER THE ROOF, and has nomadic events at different festivals and art meetings around the world.

The format of the LAB is adaptable to the needs of each community

The Main goals of a lab are:

-To help articulate a local arts community among its different disciplines and interests, by bringing together people and artists who would have never met otherwise.
-To collaborate with the communication among artists and audience by offering a context of no-expectations where everybody is exploring and where audience and performers can meet and talk about the process in an informal way. This leads ultimately to the broadening of the audience for the different disciplines as well.
- To collaborate with a honest development of a discipline that is becoming interesting for more people every time and which needs of the actual practice to generate good quality projects.
- To set a study ground for improvisation as common tool to all human activities and which can help understanding diversity among professions, people and cultures.

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