Two New Labs

The Meeting Point Berlin would like to celebrate the birth of two new labs in Milan and Amsterdam.

The lab is the seed for all meeting point projects since it´s the context where new collabobrations can begin by meeting and playing with other´s for the first time or in a new formation never tryed before.

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam or Milan, and want to experience the great atmosphere of the local improvisation scene check the following dates:

26th October in Milano

27th of October 2008
Music, Movement & Laundry
with Oscar Jan Hoogland, Maaike van de Westeringh, Jochen Stechmann, Roy Tukkers, Lydia Müller, Marcos Baggiani

24th of November 2008

The Body of Shadow with Marisa Grande & Anusc Castiglioni

Place: Ostadetheater (Van Ostadestraat 233d)Time: food at 19:00. performance at 20:00Please make reservations (important for the cook!) : via of 020-6795096


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