Jessica Jobaris

Jessica Jobaris is a performer, choreographer, and instructor based in Berlin, Germany.

From 2000-2008, Jessica enjoyed an active Seattle dance career, performing with renowned Seattle companies Lingo dance theater, Scott/Powell Performance, Maureen Whiting Company, Bryon Carr Performance (NYC).

Since in Berlin, Jessica has worked with choreographers Kirsten Burger (for MTV), Jess Curtis & Maria Scaroni/Transmission Symmetry Project, and visual artist Eloise de Hauteclocque. Her love of experimental theatre has taken her to study, perform and/or choreograph in Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam, and she has been awarded several choreographic residencies and commissions throughout Seattle, Idaho, Utah and Florida. Jessica has choreographed over 20 works for dance-theatre, musicals, film and theater.

With long-time collaborator, Luke Allen, she is Co-Artistic Director of CorpusCorpus Movement Association, a multi-media performance art company, funded by city, state and corporate sponsors. Having a great interest in merging dance with film, she has created several dance cinemas; her most recent cinema collaboration with Luke Allen premiered in Uplink’s Next Moment in Tokyo.

Their current performance project “You're the Stuff that sets me Free” will premiere in Berlin in Fall of 2009

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