Malin Astner

Malin Astner is a dance artist, based in Stockholm and Berlin. The last year her work has been focused on several improvisation-collaborations with musicians and dancers, performing in Berlin and touring in Switzerland.
Malin is a member of The Meeting-point/Berlin, where she has been participating and mentoring practice- sessions in instant composition.
In Stockholm Malin worked with choreographer Susanne Jaresand, Margaretha Åsberg, Jukka Korpi, Malin Elgán and in Kompani Equilibrium. Malin was educated at University College of Dance in Stockholm and at Rotterdamse Dansakademi in Rotterdam, and has also been teaching contemporary dance and improvisation at Royal Swedish Ballet School and Ballet Academy in Stockholm. In the past year Malin has received grant from Swedish Art Council, Dance Web, Anders Sandrew and Carina Air’s memorial fund, which has enabled her to study improvisation with artists including, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, and Hans Van den Brock.

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