flexible structure and actual questions

What is the Living Room Practice today:

- it is a space-time for practicing instant composing
- including the diversity of approaches brought by all and each of us
- not product-directed
- the disciple is instant composing and the media can be of any kind. we propose the body as the first tool for perception.
- happening every two weeks on saturdays from 15 till 18
- in a living room
- transforming its basic form as different people with different interests take part.
- it includes the practice and the process of creating the practice.

The basic form today:

1- entering the living room begins the practice (arrivals at the kitchen)
2- there is a time until everyone began his or her own relation to practice
3- the day´s mentor invites to specific action after being affected by the presence of everyone in the living room
[ MENTOR: to have a mentor each day means to open our practice to somebody else´s based on unhierarchical thought and confidence.
ACTION: depends on the specific approach of the mentor and includes warming up of any kind and a fair time of instant composing practice in any form.]
4- time to talk, criticize, question, celebrate, disappear.... (don´t be polite. be respectful)

Questions of today:

- what does instant composing mean for different persons ?
- what are other person´s questions about the work?
- how do other persons develop their works?
- how is my understanding of the discipline changed or not through this exchange?
- how does instant composing as a discipline (or its community - or practitioners) relate to the society where it is practiced?

The context for the Living Room Practice.... today : )

- it is part of the project of The Meeting Point as a platform: www.themeetingpoint-impro.com
- and it is the grounding work for The Meeting Point in Berlin, which intends to extend its activities depending on the possibilities and the work developed from a practice base: www.themeetingpoint-berlin.blogspot.com
- Valeria (me) as one of the founders of the international platform, is proposing the activity and open to share the platform with other people who want to commit to the work in a personal way. so: proposals of all kinds are welcome.
- as the name says, it is developed in a living room space, at the moment at Valeria´s place, and it can change as people come with proposals. The idea is to not meet in sterile spaces, but in places with a life of their own, as a way of connecting the work with quotidian life.


-The discipline is instant composing, the body is propossed as the first tool to perceive action and therefore to act.
On this ground I invite warming ups to be based on the intention to open up different ways of perceiving action, to continue with the instant composing work later including any tools we want: objects, sound instruments, photographs, body, ( no animals please), etc...
and off course: body as a perceptive tool is understood by everybody differently, so having driven your attention to it the door is opened for absolutely any approach.
everyone being responsible for his or her own limits.


After your first participation you are invited to propose people to join in the future.
There is a limit of seven people every time to make sure we will all have space to play and exchange visions.
The first seven to confirm participation each date will then have the space.
One of those seven people will mentor the day, you can make propossals when you would like to do it.

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