Subjects: bounce, by Valeria Primost

I already had the idea to work on bouncing movements when the practice began, but as i started moving and sensing other people practicing their entrance in this place i realized that i didn´t want to cut what was happening to propose something different... so i started working myself on bouncing movements and shared it with the others by sharing the same space and sometimes having physical contact. the whole thing developed into a dance where we all were playing our own interpretation of this bouncing proposal. The practice beginning was a transit through small composintions in a totally open context. the moment of conection were therefore very strong and clear: there was no agreement just play.

as we worked on bouncing duets different subjects came out:
- the bouncing motion gives a constant here and now reminder
- it seems to block direct action : specially when the inspiration we have can not be made by bouncing. but in fact in this way it just challenges the awareness of what is actually the way from here to "there". And it is allways possible to change the bouncing rythm and the ground of the bounce.
- visually it many times seems to show a slow motion movie or a rewinded movie...
- there is anathomic consequence visible in the dance which is directly affected by the rythm and timing of the bounce.
- there is an interesting contrast among the "i don´t care" quality of bounce and the attentive mind caring for an awareness of the whole space with which is relating.

from the Living Room Practice on February 7th 2009, mentored by Valeria Primost


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