Subject: "micro view on image crystallization (and how not to do that) ", by Valeria Primost

Based on the process which creates an image in the mind as a movement is just started and although it is not yet finished...
if the mind wants to know where we are going for safety reasons, can we chose another way in between the beginning of the movement and its "safely propossed end" ?
can we be aware of the many options in between here and "there" and be 100 percent present in our choice from those options?
and then: where does the movement begins and where does it go through? can we perceive movement at a cell level in order to be up to date in communication with the movement and not need to wait until the movement arrived from the shoulder to the elbow to give our presence a continuity?

It is a propossal for a micro view on image cristallization and how not to do that...
We found a difference among this task and the task of " moving away from your ideas" or "not doing what you think of doing". (macro)

It seems that the last one applies more to the body as a whole. Offering the practice of a dissatached presence of each move, more related to space.

and the Micro proposal, looking at cell level perception, offering more of an opening up of smaller pathways or the undoing of patterned moving within the body.

from the Living Room Practice on February 7th, mentored by Valeria Primost


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