The Meeting Point in Berlin is slowly growing
Different small projects are developing based on practice and daily care.

The Meeting Point welcomes collaborators in diverse scops of the work.


- to be a mentor:
Mentors of the Living Room Practice are practitioners , performers, musicians, painters, or thinkers who have a background on interdisciplinary work and a personal approach to the development of colalboration work based on intstant compossing. If you would like to mentor a Living Room Practice you can contact The Meeting Point - B , with a title and a bit of a description of the work you intend to share as well as a short bio.
Notice that the mentoring is not payed, except for the voluntary collaboration that participants (no more than seven people) leave in the little cup before the go.

- To participate of the practice:
Until now the participants are invited by earlier participants who know other people who are activly working interdisciplinary and developing their own view on the work.
If you haven´t met anyone else, you are very welcome to contact us by email with any information about you who you think is important for us to get to know you. We are happy to meet new people who are seriously engaged with instant composing and interdisciplinary work!

The Lab still doesn´t have a space in Berlin.
We are happy to receive proposal for spaces which would like to host a Meeting Point Lab evening every month.
Please note that we have no subsidies yet, so we depend on the entrances money to afford all the costs involved on a LAB.
If you are interested on helping us with making it happen, please contact us and we will arrange a meeting to exchange about possibilities and interests.

Once the LAB is running we will be in search for artists with experience in interdisciplniary performance to take part every month. Check the blog for updates or contact us to be included in the mailing lists.


The Meeting Point´s proposal as an international Platform is to create community around the practice and work on instantly compossed interdisicplinary art works.
For that we organize Trainings, Meetings, Performances, and everything that give us a ground to meet more people involved in this kind of work to gather the strength needed to develop as a community.
If you have an idea and would like it to be supported somehow by The Meeting Point Platform in Berlin, please contact us with the idea, we might be able to support it.

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