Containing/containers, by Valeria Primost

Review by Valeria Primost (mentor)

I came to the topic "containing / containers" because of this multiple image it gives me of the existence of things which are contained within other things which are as well contained within bigger things. that summed to the ability of the containers that, as such, can contain or let go out or manifest what is contained.

In this way we acknowledge the simultaneous existence of different presences that at the same time belong to a same common presence within a bigger context (container ; ), and which have the power to exchange some of the contents they contain and therefore develop a communication process. This offered the ability to be aware as much of what was happening outside us (in the bigger containers) as of what was happening inside each of us as smaller containers sharing a space.
The awareness issue was strong and greatly nurtured by the proposed quality arousing from the action of containing and letting go. Playing and editing what´s coming , in this sense challenging the improvisers mind of being here and now: being here and now choosing to play, being here and now choosing to edit/contain what is coming and I still don´t know what it is.
Choosing to edit or contain as one more choice of playing.

The introduction towards this work, was based on a combination of a very basic qi gong exercise and the use of air/sound and bouncing/pausing as motors of a process of choice among containing or manifesting what is contained.

The work offered a strong concentration through which relationships where being build in a very integrated but impersonal way, letting the watchers make their own conclusions.

The continuation of this work offers a good base for complexity of choice and design of big and smaller containers for the making of a piece.

Thanks to everyone involved!, it´s been a very inspiring day!!

Valeria Primost.

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