writing a review

The Living Room Practice
wants to encourage everyone who takes part as a mentor or as a practitioner
to write about your experience and the way it has enriched your practice.

The proposal wants to offer a space where the physical and intellectual experience can become articulated for the sharing with people who haven´t been there and to continue a dialogue about the work after it´s been done. To let the practice develope further through the next practices.

For that reasson we would like to offer a small guide of questions which could support the direction of your review. The intention is not to have you answering a kind of form but to let you know what we think could be the most interesting to read about after the sharing of the practice.

Questions coud be:

how did the beginning activity (or warming up) collaborated with the practice afterwards
how do you integrate all the materialas a whole.
how does this practice today, with this specific constellation of people,adds to your own practice.
how does it challenge your own vision of the work (and if you are the mentor: how did the exchange of others challenged your proposal)
which questions would you propose for a further work in this direction.

For no mentors:
not a description of the experience step by step
but a global analysis of the tools as informing to your own practice:
something that makes clear why this practice was useful for you

We are looking very much forward to your collaborations!!!
Please contact us for any questions you may have about these and any other issues related to
The Meeting Point Berlin.

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