reviews on: AUGUST 8 : ¨NAVIGATING RESOURCES¨ by Jessica Jobaris

The Living Room Practice August 8th, 2009 - by Jessica Jobaris.

Navigating Resources; how improvisation can become a practice of integration.

Starting with meditation and listening, we find connection to our environment,
the individual spine, the group spine, the spine of the room, the city...

but then just as well with the sensitivity of the skin,
or the voice vibrating thru the air, with our partners supportive palms,
or the way pain and pleasure bring us to the present moment in our environment.

What are the ways we embrace or run from integration? What are the ways we embrace or run from solo/individual?
How much do we question our level of willingness and trust in order to apply what is needed in the spontaneity of a moment?

On Saturday, we navigated these resources, the details of the body, as the vehicle thru which we
create conscious truthful connection with each other in improvisation.
We set in motion these resources as individuals and also collectively; giving room
to retreat, participate or make space.

Incorporating our musician, Julius, in the physical warmup allowed for a more whole group connection, and influenced his participation, allowing for more play which is the highest aim!
It was delightful having him there, with his engaged body. His music/sound spaces were a great support and initiator for the time together.

The strength of willingness of the participants culminated in a very vibrant container of hellos, goodbyes, coming and goings...perfect send off for my heading back to the States.
Thanks Valeria et All!

The Living Room Practice August 8th, 2009 - Valeria´s review

From manipulating breathing to playing with pain an pleasure issues, the practice did challenge some of my personal statements about manipulation of natural processes and the use of internal trips on stage.
the tension created by my openness (to receive different information than I may expect ) and my judgement or opnionated mind, was the actual tool I used to create space in between my favorite lines for an ever renovating ability to say yes to what I´ve already said no to.
This translating in the action of dancing gave me a very exciting possibility to commit to one thing while renovating my awareness of those things I´ve already decided not to chose, or to exclude from my movement today.
the image is that of an ever renovating and not because of that less concequent way of thinking and moving.
Recycling resources!!!!
thanks Jessica, Brenda, Malin, Sarah and Julius!

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