On music and dance dialogues

By Valeria Primost (mentor)

Starting by experiencing the physical space through sound and movement, musicians and dancers equally involved on both practices, we begann a common exchange on perception and production of material.
Following with an excersice on rythm we intended to excersise constant activity as oposse of event making without a constant rythm or timing. Playing simultaneusly in duets and perceiving the change from constant to event or all the way around, by our partner.
The excersise offers the clear physical experience of the imposibility to perform a non constant activity: every activity contains constancy if perceived in its micro dymension and its perception changes when it is related with an activity which can be seen as constant in its macro dymension.
It is a good excersise for experiencing physically what the material is made of and how we can relate directly with materials creates by other elements: as a music instrument, a body or any other media: painting, video and so on.

Berlin, July 6th 2009

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